Custom Whirlpool Hot Tub Spa Sale In 2022

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  • Date:2022/02/10


 A whirlpool hot tub spa is a luxurious tub that can be enjoyed by two people, or even four or five. While most of these models are designed for two people, they can also accommodate more people. These types of bathtubs are relatively inexpensive to buy and maintain, and they can be painted to match the decor of your home. However, it is important to consider what size and style of whirlpool hot tub you want before you purchase one. Choosing the right whirlpool hot tub can be as simple as choosing a bathtub.


First, you need to measure the available space in your room and then compare different tubs. Then, you need to test the style to see if you are comfortable in all positions. You also need to consider the capacity of your water heater, as whirlpools use a lot of water. You need to make sure that your whirlpool hot bath will work well with it before purchasing it. The best whirlpool hot tubs are designed to be durable and eco-friendly. The materials used in the construction of these bathtubs are UV-resistant and fully enclosed. In addition, they are also equipped with an integrated ozonator. Aquaspring's whirlpool hot tubs custom are equipped with LED lighting, so you can enjoy them in the dark, too. Lastly, the quality of your whirlpool is an important factor.



What are the characteristics of a hot tub ?

The main and most important feature of a hot tub is the jets. Most whirlpool tubs come with at least 6-8 water jets positioned at crucial points in the tub. This allows them to hit your major muscle groups while soothing them. The second key feature of a whirlpool tub is its size. While whirlpool tubs are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. The common point between all models is that they must be large enough to allow a person to sit down while bathing. Finally, an electric pump is needed to pump water through its jets.

What are the common areas of a spa ?

The main parts of a spa are the jets, water controls and the pump. These parts are easy to identify, and learning about them can help determine which aspect you want to spend more on and customize or replace in the future if something breaks.

Water jets

The main feature of this bathtub, they are circular and usually come in sets of six. They are strategically positioned around your tub to help massage all of your muscle groups.


A small device that pumps water into your tub's jets and keeps the water flow constant

Water control

Usually as manual joysticks there are electric versions, but the idea is that the water joysticks control the speed and pressure of the jets. Some of them are linked and connected to your electric water pump.




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