Hot Water Massage Bathtub You Own, Pain And Sore You 'Unown' !

  • By:Aquaspring
  • Date:2021/08/16

Since the establishment of Foshan Nanhai Halo Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. , we have been very familiar with the hot tub spa products. There are more than 400 products meeting whatever customer needs. Customized operation is also acceptable, and we can customize unique products according to customers' special requirements. We also have a dedicated after-sales service team to improve customer satisfaction. Create the bathtub of your dreams with timeless style and ergonomic features. For ten year’s hard trying, we have hundreds of clients from all over the world. We also have our mainly OEM clients from Europe market.


Product details: Suitable for outdoor and indoor hot tubs, which can be placed in apartments, gardens, hotels or parks. The style tends to be independent and luxurious. The indoor hot tub has more than one hundred models, and different models have different materials, different functions, and different nozzles. There are simple models and luxury models, of course, the prices are different. The massage type is a combination massage (air and whirlpool), and the control system is the American Balboa system. The hot water outdoor massage bathtub is one of our best-selling products, and we are also developing new hot water massage bathtub products to add more functions suitable for customers.


Here some questions about our outdoor massage bathtub :



1. What is the product certification?

Our product approved with ISO9001, CE, SAA, KC,etc.we can provide the certification if you need.


2. How many does the hot tub seat?

 A: It depends on the model and on your personal taste for using the available space in the tub.Our spas general accommodate from 1-2 people up to about 10 people.


3. Do you test all the goods before delivery?

 Yes, we have a quality control system to ensure that perfect products are delivered to customers.


4. Why choose me?


  • Professional and experienced : We are a professional SPA manufacturer approved by SGS, specializing in outdoor SPA and hot tubs for 10 years.


  • Design and quality : Our products are of high quality, exquisite design, CE/SAA/IS certification, and sold all over the world. We have contact with customers all over the world.


  • Communication and service :  Our factory packed in Foshan City, the location, please feel free to visit our factory !


We have the longest warranty in China's spa and tub manufacturers: we provide 5 years warranty for the structure, 3 years for the acrylic surface and 2 years for the electrical equipment and plumbing.To obtain service in the event of a defect or malfunction covered by this Limited Warranty, notify AquaSpring spas manufacturer as soon as possible and use all reasonable means to protect the spa from further damage. Meanwhile, send the spa serial number (located on the top of control box), a thorough description of the problem and photographs of the part with problem to the AquaSpring spas manufacturer. Upon proof of the purchase and the proof of the defect or malfunction, AquaSpring spas manufacturer will correct the defect or malfunction subject to the terms and conditions in this limited Warranty.


 If you are interested in our products, please contact our sales as soon as possible. Different models of products have corresponding prices. Your inquiries about our hot tubs spa and prices will be replied within 24 hours. Let's start!




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