How To Choose A Good Hot Tub

  • By:Aquaspring
  • Date:2020/09/12

From Wikipedia, the definition of hot tub  can be understood fully.

Do you want to know how to choose a good whirlpool jacuzzi tub and jacuzzi swim spa factory? Here are some points you need to know.

1. The thickness and material of insulation form for spa body.

Good and thick insulation form can not only help you to save more energy and money, but also can make you enjoy the green and low carbon life to make contribution to the world environment. Moreover, the good insulation foam can help your spa work well in the Nordic winter.

2. The thickness and material of foil insulation for spa cabinet.

Good material can strengthen the cabinet so it is much stronger than other spas. Covering the inner side of spa cabinet with thick aluminum foil insulation can save energy over most spas.

3. The thickness and material of bottom base

The strong bottom base is ensuring that no moisture from below can penetrate the hot tub. In addition every little heat loss or heat sink is noticed.

4. The position of the drain valve

The position of the drain valve affects drainage ability when you want to dry the spa.

5. Ozone injector and mixer

Some spa manufacturer does not have ozone injector and mixer, they only have the ozonator. Then the ozone does not mix well into water, so the disinfection effect will be poor. Good ozonator system which combines effective filtering, water circulation and water skimming processes, can help to ensure your overall health and safe experience. You can enjoy reduced levels of chlorine that make spa water safe and sanitized.

6. Water leakage prevention measures of pipe

 You can see if the factory fix the pipes with imported blue glue and then tighten with the stainless steel clamp. It is the double security to avoid any minor leaking.

Pay attention to the points above, you will find the high quality products no matter hot tubs or endless pool jacuzzi.




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