Indoor Spa Tub Pros and Cons

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  • Date:2021/05/10

Often, people usually believe hot tubs as being located outside, however, there are many of us that instead plan to install inside our home. There are definitely a couple of advantages to having an indoor spa tub like always having a controlled climate and complete privacy while you're taking a soak. If the thought of putting an indoor spa tub into your home has crossed your mind, here are the indoor spa tub pros and cons that you simply should remember of.


Pros of an inside Hot Tub:


Ultimate Privacy


If your lawn may be a tiny space surrounded by neighbors, likelihood is that you almost certainly won't feel that comfortable taking a soak on display. With an indoor spa tub, your relaxing spa time are going to be quiet and private . Plus, you'll control the encompassing environment by choosing mood lighting or candles, playing the music of your choice, diffusing essential oils and better of all, not need to worry about an unexpected interruption.




For those with young children or pets, an outside bathtub or pool can make them nervous. Another advantage of getting an indoor spa tub is that you simply can easily lock the door to the space where it's located and not need to worry about children or pets gaining access.




Not everyone wants to soak within the bathtub in the dead of winter or during a rainstorm. With an indoor spa tub, your spa is sheltered and is accessible three hundred and sixty five days a year, 24 hours per day. Plus, inside is a smaller amount maintenance. No leaves, petals or dirt can accidentally blow into the water while the duvet is off.




If you continue to want your bathtub to be surrounded by lush plants inside, this will easily be done. Moisture-loving plants thrive near a bathtub as they take in the humidity. Gardenias and orchids are perfect and appearance beautiful.


Cons of an indoor spa tub:


Construction Considerations


Hot tubs are heavy! Actually , once crammed with water and bathers they will weigh several thousand pounds. Even the littlest of indoor spa tubs can apply a pressure of 250 pounds or more to the surface that it's resting on, which may be over 5 times the recommended weight that a floor is meant to support. If you wanted to put your bathtub on a wooden floor in your home, likelihood is that it might need significant re-engineering or maybe completely replace with a concrete slab.


Floors aren't the sole concern. Walls and doors should have a specialized vapor covering that's waterproof to avoid damage, also as help, keep the humidity contained to the spa room.




Proper ventilation is important for an indoor spa tub. Fans and a dehumidifier are an absolute must to make sure that condensation that collects on the walls, ceilings, and windows can effectively be controlled. it's strongly recommended to consult an HVAC specialist first to verify what sort of ventilation are going to be needed.




Lots of flooring material can become incredibly slippery when wet. More water will get on your floor than you think that - it's estimated that about gallon of water will begin of the recent tub once you get out. So as to avoid accidents also as not having your floor rot, your flooring must be anti-slip and have good drainage. the simplest option may be a slip-resistant tile.


Now that you simply know the pros and cons of an indoor spa tub, download a bathtub buyer’s guide to find out more about their features.




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