Know About the Various Types of Hot Tubs

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  • Date:2021/01/25

The wood fired hot tub uses no electricity so there is no direct forced circulation system present on other typical jetted tubs. Instead, the natural process of thermosiphony is employed. Thermosiphony is basically the science which states that heat rises. Thus the heating in a wood fired hot tub occurs due to the rise in temperature of the heated water.

The basic working principle of these tubs is through the inclusion of wood in the construction of the interior chamber which gets heated to a given temperature. Water is added in the exterior chamber where it gets heated until it boils. This continuous heating is then transferred to the person who is lying in the tub by means of a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger allows the heat from the inside of the wood fired hot tub to rise to the exterior, which in turn heats up the water in the basin.

The stove, which is present on the wood fired hot tub is what actually heats the water in the basin. A burner that gets activated by means of an electrical outlet provides this heat to the burner, which in turn heats the air present in the stove, which causes it to get hotter. The air is then circulated around the exterior of the basin and heated even more. The final temperature of the hot tub can be increased or decreased by the control of an electronic thermostat.

There are also other types of wood fired hot tub heaters available which include gas, electric and propane heaters. All these heaters work in the same manner as the electric and gas heaters. The difference lies in the amount of power needed for operation as well as the rate at which the heat is produced. In all three types of heaters, the temperature of the water in the heating system is kept constant.

In a number of cases, it is found that there are two drain holes present in the wood fired hot tub. These openings are usually located one inch above the surface of the tub. It is to ensure that these drains are open at all times and there is no blockage of air and water.

Some of the wood burning heaters come with self-diagnostics options. These options enable you to know exactly how much energy is being spent in the running of the heater. If you want to make the most of your money, then you should go in for a model which has a number of options for adjusting the settings on its thermostat. This way you can keep the temperature at the optimum level and save a lot of money on fuel.

Most of the wood fired hot tubs available have a mesh cover on top. This mesh is made from polyester or nylon and acts as a drain opening. You need to ensure that the drain hole gets plugged at the correct place otherwise the water will pour down the sides and pool around the base of the hot tub. The best option is to go in for a hot tub with red cedar mesh.




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