Maintenance Knowledge of Outdoor Jacuzzi Tubs

  • By:Aquaspring
  • Date:2022/07/18

There are many ways that people choose to relax themselves today, such as doing exercise, listening to music, working out, etc. But do you want to enjoy a spa treatment with your family or friends? Spa can not only relax you, but also relieve muscle fatigue and boost your immunity. If you have the idea, that's when you need a hydro spa hot tub that helps you to enjoy the whole new experience of the spa at anytime. Hot tubs is divided into many kinds, including outdoor jacuzzi tubs, indoor hot tub, small hot tubs, etc. You can choose according to your own needs. If you have bought your favorite outdoor jacuzzi tubs or swim spa, you should also need to understand the jacuzzi maintenance knowledge, extend the service life of hot tub, and get a better spa experience.  Now I'll share what things to watch out for when maintaining the endless spa bathtub.


Taking care of your modern outdoor spa is simple and important to keeping the water clean and your spa running smoothly. Proper spa maintenance includes regularly cleaning spa covers and filters, checking chemical levels, and adding the correct chemicals as needed. Maintaining the correct chemical levels in your spa is especially important because if chemical levels are too high, your spa equipment will corrode and if chemical levels are too low, bacteria can take hold. the top. A simple cleaning of your covers will also help your spa perform better for longer and keep harmful germs and bacteria away. Overall, regular attention to your spa maintenance will keep your spa water sparkling.


1、If you bought a outdoor jacuzzi tubs, you need to a soft broom to remove the build-up after each snow or snow storm.


2、Cleaning equipment should be cleaned with a soft brush or towel, and abrasive (e. g. steel velvet) or abrasive cleaner (such as household bleach) may also damage the surface of outdoor jacuzzi tubs.


3、If you have a outdoor jacuzzi tubs, you should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. And you can block the jacuzzi with a cover and sunshade to reduce the fading or wear caused by direct sunlight and weathering on the hydro spa hot tub.


4、If the Jacuzzi lid has mold problems, untie the lid first, then carefully remove the foam inside from the lid, spray the lid inside and the outside with a gentle cleaner, and clean it with a soft sponge. Finally, dry the inside and outside of the lid with a towel, and dry in the sun for a day or two to eliminate mold.


5、Pillow maintenance. If your outdoor jacuzzi tubs is equipped with pillows, it is best to rinse regularly for the pillow to remove any chemical residue. This should help eliminate pillow hardening and discoloration. In addition, if the spa facility is not used for a period of time, the pillow should be removed, which can extend the service life of the pillow.


6、Proper maintenance of the stainless steel surfaces. Always maintain proper water chemistry as well as frequent freshwater clean surfaces to remove chemical residues.


7、Clean up or replace the filter element regularly. The filter elements remove oil and debris from the hot spring water because they cause flow resistance. Dirty filter elements reduce flow, poor water filtration, and may cause your hot tubs to heat properly. Therefore, it is essential to clean or replace the filter regularly.(Your spa filter is carefully designed to be maintained quickly and easily.)


8、Replace the water in the hot tubs regularly. Depending on your spa usage and type of spa, you need two or four complete water changes a year. Dry the spa or soft water and refit with the instructions attached with the bathtub.


Maintaining the bathtub is not tedious, carefully maintain your Jacuzzi bathtub can extend its service life.





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