Plan Your Indoor Spa Tub Installation

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  • Date:2021/05/10

An outside bathtub isn't ideal for everybody, with some preferring the added convenience, comfort, and privacy of an indoor spa tub.


An indoor spa tub is often a neighborhood of a replacement home build or a renovation. are you able to picture it? An updated main bedroom with a comfortable two-person bathtub. Or, maybe it’s adding that three-season room with a four-person bathtub the entire family can enjoy.


How does one install indoor spa tubs? There are other additional factors to think about.


Size is a crucial factor when choosing a spa to place inside. Consider a little model with a low profile for your bathtub room.


Hot Tub Size


While an eight-person bathtub is great for entertaining, it'd not be the simplest choice for a bathtub room. Small indoor spa tubs are ideal for an inside installation. 


Water Access


Just as you'd an outside bathtub, you would like to be ready to fill your indoor spa tub. A hose is that the most effective way of filling a bathtub , and it'll got to be ready to reach your spa. If you set a bathtub during a three-season room, you would possibly be ready to access the outdoor spigot. Or, if it's during a walk-out basement, there might water access within the laundry area.




Splashing on the ground or ground is inevitable once you own a bathtub. The water moves as you get in and out of the spa, also as a shift between the seats. Even a jet on full power can cause some spray. But you don’t want water to wreck the flooring of your indoor bathtub room.


Before you put in your indoor spa tub, make certain to believe flooring material and drainage. If your indoor bathtub is a component of a renovation or new build, have the contractors install a floor drain. it'll protect the flooring, also as make it easier to enjoy your spa.




Just like an outside bathtub, you would like to possess a flat, level surface that will support the load of the recent tub. If you think that the ground is supported, it’s an honest idea to contact an experienced contractor to gauge your space.


Benefits of an inside bathtub




A homeowner can create a personal outdoor oasis with thoughtful landscaping. But unless you reside on a sprawling property, it is often hard to seek out a real sense of privacy. An indoor spa tub can assist you avoid catching your neighbor’s eye or hearing the neighborhood kids play.




An outdoor bathtub are often installed just steps from your backdoor. But you'll enjoy soaking inside without having to place on a robe or slippers.


Weather Protection


Close that weather app. With an indoor spa tub, you don’t get to worry about whether it’s getting to rain or snow. you're also ready to control the temperature of your indoor bathtub room that you simply can relax easier.




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