Some Little-known Usage Tips About Modern Hot Tubs

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  • Date:2022/10/13

If you are a hot tub enthusiast, or get ready to place a modern hot tub in your back yard, believe that you have already imagined a wonderful time soaking in the modern hot tub. But having a hot tub means need to maintain the hot tub. As long as the modern hot tub is well maintained, it can run better and continue to provide you with comfortable and quiet soaking times. Do you ever know anything about the use and maintenance of hot tubs? Don't suppose that maintaining a hot tub is a difficult job, but you can also make it easy. Slide the screen, here are 13 hot tub use and maintenance tips that can help you save some of the hassle, time, and money.


The Hot Tub Cover Is Very Important

When you have finished soaking in a hot tub, please remember to cover the hot tub. If your modern hot tub is placed outside It can help you block the foreign bodies such as fallen leaves, dust and insects, and avoid contaminating the water in your modern hot tub. You can also save the energy and chemicals to clean up the water. Also, if your tub is a inground hot tub, it is especially important to cover the hot tub lid because it is a safety issue that can protect your baby from avoiding children or pets from accidentally dropping a hot tub. Finally, covering the lid of the hot tub can greatly reduce the heat loss in the hot tub and reduce the energy consumption.



Prevent Invasion In Mice

Have you ever been bothered by mice, they can build a nest in a corner of the house, and even gnaw on the furniture. And in the cold winter, mice especially like a warm environment. Modern hot tubs are equipped with pipes and heating equipment. Such a warm environment is very tempting for mice. Once your hot tub has been invaded by rats, you may be at risk of gnawing on the pipes of the hot tub. So when you're ready to install a modern hot tub, remember to ask your electrician to seal up all the tiny holes or gaps in your hot tub with electronic putty where the mice might get into the hot tub . And mice hate the putty, so the rats can be prevented from entering the inside of a modern hot tub.


What You Need To Do Before Filling Your Modern Hot Tub

If you have just purchased a modern hot tub and have installed it, don't rush to add water to your modern hot tub immediately, and you had better prepare a timer or set the timer on your phone before that. Full fill with your modern hot tub is not a quick job, for a hot tub filling water takes about 30-45 minutes, you can't be waiting by the hot tub, maybe you will use this time to do housework, exercise or watch TV, but this time you may have forgotten your modern hot tub. The result is conceivable, a lot of water overflow may cause a huge disaster to you. So using a timer before filling your modern hot tub saves you a lot of unnecessary trouble, and you don't always have to wonder whether the water in the modern hot tub overflows.


Incomplete Cleaning of The Filter Will Cause Horrible Foam In The Modern Hot Tub

We all know that in order to better maintain the cleanliness of the water, you need to rinse the filter at least once a week, and also soak it at least once a season. Some people in order to be able to more effective cleaning the filter, they will choose to use some detergent. But after the use of these cleaner, must remember to clean the filter, if your filter still has some detergent not rinse clean, then you use the modern hot tub, these cleaners will be precipitated in the filter, and with the modern hot tub running, will constantly produce foam, this may be another disaster for you.



Putting A Tennis Ball In Your Modern Hot Tub Provides Extra Cleaning Power

Don't be surprised that the tennis ball has a fluffy fiber that helps you keep the water cleaning. When you use the modern hot tub, the filter may not completely filter the oil, soap, lotion, and other tiny substances you carry in your body or clothes, and then the fluffy fiber of the tennis ball can absorb these tiny impurities clean. Of course, if you use the modern hot tubs regularly, or when many people use the modern hot tubs, your filters or tennis balls will also need to be cleaned or replaced regularly.


Pantyhose Is A Good Helper When Changing The Water

If you use a hot tub regularly or often with multiple people, it is recommended to change the water at least once or not a month or less. But before changing the water, I will tell you a little trick to change it. That is to prepare a pair of useless jumpsuit socks that you need to wrap around the lower water flow inlet to prevent recycled dirt or debris from entering your filtration system, which will reduce the working pressure of the filtration system and extend the service life.


Your Hot Tub Cover Shouldn't Be Ignored

When all your focus is on how to maintain your modern hot tub, you may be overlooking the hot tub cover. The cover of the hot tub is in a warm and humid place for a long time, as long as it is not cleaned in time, it is very easy to mold and produce a musty smell, which is undoubtedly an unpleasant experience. So in order to prevent mold from growing on the lid, it is necessary to clean your lid regularly. You can combine nine parts water to one part bleach to wipe, or put the mixed solution into a spray bottle and spray your hot tub cover every 3 months.


Remember To Close The Air Valve When You Are Not Using The Modern Hot Tub

Did you know that the air valve is tied to your electricity bill. Why? Because the knobs on the hot allows the cold air mixed with the water come out of the jets. So cold air can come in from the valve and flow into the hot water, if the modern hot tub stays heated then that means it needs to take longer to heat up and consumes more energy, and your electricity bill increases. So closing your air valve will help heat up the hot tub faster the next time you use it, more importantly, you can also save on energy and your bills.




A Machine That Can Save Your Electricity Bill As Well

You can choose to install an air source heat pump to your modern hot tub, which may be an extra cost, but it will save you a lot of electricity bills in the long term. Air source heat pump and modern hot tub are great partners, it can help your modern hot tub to improve heating efficiency and shorten the heating time of water, and most importantly, it is to use air energy to achieve the effect of heating water, so it can save electricity consumption and thus reduce your electricity bills. If you also want to install an air source heat pump for your modern hot tub, please feel free to contact us, Halo Spas also provide you with high quality air energy heat pumps.



It Is Best To Bath Before Getting Into The Modern Hot Tub

You are hard to imagine how many residue on the human body, these residues are likely to pollute to the hot tub, destroy water quality, and even to your filter blockage. And there are some residues that cannot be completely cleaned up by the filter. So it is best to take a bath before soaking in the modern hot tub, and try to clean the oil on the body, conditioner, shower gel, lotion, sunscreen oil, etc., so that the remaining pollutants on your body away from the modern hot tub.


Using The Chemicals Carefully

Be careful to using your chemicals while you are adjusting the water balance in your modern hot tub. The hot tub is far less water than the pool. This small part of the water is sensitive to chemicals. Accidentally adding too much chemicals can lead to major changes in the chemistry of the water and even damage to the modern hot tub parts. Maybe you have another question, can you use the pool chemicals in my hot tub? Sure the answer that is not feasible. Modern hot tub and swimming pool chemistry composition is different, they are not suitable for replacement, if the pool chemistry is used in the hot tub, then the consequence is the damage to the hot tub parts and destroy the water quality. So you need some hot tub chemicals, followed by the instructions and strictly control the components for use.


It's Time To Change Your Water For Your Modern Hot Tub

If you are initially unfamiliar with testing the water quality or adjusting the water balance, you may spend a lot of time and effort adjusting the water chemical balance, but if you have tried many times but can't adjust the water quality, then you can consider draining the water directly and infusing your modern hot tub again. Not only can you save a lot of time and energy to regulate the water quality, but you can also save a lot of chemicals to regain a clean tank of water, and most importantly, you can also reduce the pollution to the environment.


A Practical Cleaning Tool

When you soak in the modern hot tub, you cannot avoid the debris precipitate in the hot tub, but the filter may not necessarily completely clean up the debris, so what should you do? While you are worried about how to remove these annoying debris, an item sure to surprise you. It is the vacuum cleaner, it can help you easily absorb the debris from the water, and the vacuum cleaners have manual model and automatic model, you can buy in various shopping channels according to your own needs.


Prepare A Hat In Advance Before Soaking In The Modern Hot Tub

This may be a very practical tool. First of all, its main function is to help you to plug your hair into your hat when you put on your hat, to avoid the residual chemical substances of your hair to the water pollution. The second is that when your hot tub is placed outside, you can use this hat to block out the sun or the cold wind in hot or cold weather. Finally, It can give you fun, and you can use the hats to play the catch the ball game in the hot tub with your partner. Hot tub maintenance is essential, it requires your care to work better, and you also get a better soaking experience. And the various parts of the hot tub, such as filters, can also extend its service life when it is effectively maintained, while helping you to save the cost of replacement. The above list are 14 tips on maintaining and using hot tubs, and hopefully they will do a good job in helping you care your modern hot tub in the future easily and efficiently.




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