Some Tips To Cut The Cost Of Using A Freestanding Jacuzzi Tub

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  • Date:2022/09/20

When you are considering buying a freestanding Jacuzzi tub, are you still hesitant to worry about the high energy consumption of the hot tub? If you have the concerns, take a look at this blog. Freestanding Jacuzzi tub do require more energy than other summer supplies, and the recent increases in energy prices could cause you to pay more electricity bills. A freestanding Jacuzzi tub with a poor insulation effect is very power-consuming, and the poor insulation effect means that the temperature in the freestanding Jacuzzi tub is easily dropped by the outside temperature. But fortunately, we'll share a few tips to control and reduce the energy consumption of freestanding Jacuzzi tub.


Especially in the cold winter, your freestanding Jacuzzi tub has no insulation layer and does not turn on the heating mode, you will soon feel that the hot water in the tub is rapidly cooling down, so the freestanding Jacuzzi tub without the insulation function needs to run constantly to keep the water temperature, thus constantly consuming the energy.  And the freestanding Jacuzzi tub with thermal insulation layer, can maintain the water temperature of the freestanding Jacuzzi tub to the maximum extent, so that the water temperature will not drop sharply, and the freestanding Jacuzzi tub also doesn’t need to consume too much energy to heat the water in the tub. So when choosing a freestanding Jacuzzi tub, consider whether it has the insulation layer and enough strong insulation function, it can save your bills. Our freestanding Jacuzzi tub will spray at least 25mm of insulation foam on the cylinder block during the production process, in order to achieve the thermal insulation effect.



Many people forgot to use the cover after using the freestanding Jacuzzi tub, so unfortunately, the hot tub will lose nearly 50% of your heat, meaning that it will need more electric energy when heating the tub again. If you want to make further savings on electricity bills, then when not using the freestanding Jacuzzi tub, remember to blank of the cover and ensure sealing at the edge. This can avoid the heat loss from hot water. General hot tub will be equipped. with a lid, but if your cover is damaged for a long time, you will need to replace your lid in time. Because the heat constantly escape from the broken place and cost you more money. In addition, when choosing the lid, we must choose a lid with enough thickness, so as to better achieve the effect of insulation.



Cleaning your filter regularly is also a great way to help you save energy. If your filter has accumulated a lot of dirt, the water in the freestanding Jacuzzi tub is difficult to filter out, which means the pump have to work twice as hard to filtrate the water. So it is very important to clean or replace the filter device frequently. Your freestanding Jacuzzi tub placed in different locations can also affect energy consumption. If you place your freestanding Jacuzzi tub in a broad position, it can easily dissipate the heat from your freestanding Jacuzzi tub by the wind. So we have to consider putting the freestanding Jacuzzi tub in a position that is not very windy. If it is simple, we can put it in the fence or wall position, if you want to form a more effective wind barrier, you can build a glass room or log cabin, and you can also choose in-ground hot tub, bury your freestanding Jacuzzi tub underground.


Finally, you can choose to install an air source heat pump to your freestanding Jacuzzi tub, which may be an extra cost, but it will save you a lot of electricity bills in the long term. Air source heat pump and freestanding Jacuzzi tub are great partners, it can help your hot tub to improve heating efficiency and shorten the heating time of water, and most importantly, it is to use air energy to achieve the effect of heating water, so it can save electricity consumption and thus reduce your electricity bills. If you also want to install an air source heat pump for your hot tub, please feel free to contact us, Halo Spas also provide you with high quality air energy heat pumps. If you are eager to have a freestanding Jacuzzi tub, but you are worried about the high electricity bill, these five tips are very practical advice to reduce the cost of your electricity bill. Hopefully they will remove your concerns and let you immediately enjoy the unlimited experience of the freestanding Jacuzzi tub.




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