Swimming Pool & Luxury Swim Spa-Which One Would You Like?

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As we all know, luxury swim spa has similar functions to a swimming pool, and it is also a pool, so if you want to divide a swimming area in the backyard, will you choose to build a swimming pool or install a luxury swim spa? First, let's look at what the difference between them. 

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1. Initial Cost

The swimming pools have three different construction methods, namely: poured concrete, fiberglass, and vinyl. The construction price of these three materials is directly proportional to the service life. Concrete is the longest life, and of course the most expensive. And you need to hire professional installers to build a swimming pool, install pipes, filter circulation system, etc. In addition to the cost of materials, the labor cost is also costly, and the more complex the swimming pool structure you design, the higher the total cost will be. The purchase price of luxury swim spa depends on the measurement, functions and parts of luxury swim spa accessories. Click the link to learn more details about our luxury swim spa. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about the information. The purchase cost of luxury swim spa already includes pool lights, circulation systems, etc., without an additional initial cost like the pool. Moreover, you need to pay for an installation, which depends on how you want to build your back garden.


2、Operation And Maintenance Costs

The pool costs more to maintain than the luxury swim spa, and will depend on the size of your pool, the larger the size, the higher the cost. Because you need to spend a lot of manpower and money to clean the pool, chemical agents are also expensive. In addition to the cost of cleaning and maintenance, you also need to consider the cost of electricity bills. For the water in the pool to be more clean and hygienic, you need to cycle for at least eight hours a day, in case the water stays for too long to turn into a swamp like dead water, full of microorganisms. A large amount of water will consume a lot of energy, and your bill will go up.


Because the luxury swim spa carries far less water than the swimming pool, so you don't need to use too much chemicals to regulate the water balance. And the luxury swim spa has a more powerful filtration system than the swimming pool, which makes it easier to clean the cylinder block, without spending the extra money to ask for professionals to clean it. The luxury swim spa also needs to operate through a circulation system to ensure water quality, and there is a heating system to adjust the water temperature, so the electricity cost can also be high. But the luxury swim spa is designed to maximize energy savings, with a 25mm thick insulation layer at the cylinder block to reduce heat loss. Luxury swim spa's is not worth mentioning compared to the maintenance cost of the swimming pool.


3、Spaces Required

Make sure you have enough space in your backyard before considering building a pool. The swimming pool covers at least 20-30 square meters, and if the backyard area is not large enough, then the swimming pool will occupy the vast majority of the space in your backyard, so that there is no extra place in your backyard to come out for other activities. The footprint of the luxury swim spa depends on the model of luxury swim spa, but the luxury swim spa footprint will be much smaller than the swimming pool, and you can place it in your backyard or even indoors.

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4、About The Installation

The time required to build the swimming pool depends on the type of installation. It takes at least two to three months to build the swimming pool using concrete. You need to apply for a building permit, design drawings, construction, etc., and it will just take a long time to wait for the cement to dry up. Plus, filling the pool with water is also a time-consuming task if your installation is complete.If you plan to fill with the pool with just a water pipe, maybe your need will last all day long, maybe all night. Of course, you can also hire a professional water truck to fill your swimming pool, which only takes about half an hour to complete.


At present, luxury swim spa are installed into three forms —— above-ground, partially in-ground, and and recessed installation. Overground luxury swim spa is the most common, and it facilitates installation and maintenance in the future. The installation method of underground luxury swim spa needs to excavate the ground, and the installation process will be more troublesome, but it can improve the usage experience. The third recessed installation allows you to enjoy the in-ground luxury swim spa experience without excavating the ground, which is also known as a splint installation and requires building a splint around your luxury swim spa to make it look completely underground. Whether you plan to install the luxury swim spa above or in-ground, it is essential to ensure you have a solid base that can take its weight and make sure that the foundation for the luxury swim spa is solid enough, and you also need to hire a professional person to connect the electricity and water to your luxury swim spa. Overall the swim spa is simpler than the pool and does not take much time.

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5、Usage Experiment 

The biggest difference between a swimming pool and a swimming spa is the swimming experience.The pool has larger recreational space than luxury swim spa and suitable for multiplayer parties. Larger swimming pools can hold on the large water sports or recreational activities. Limited by the size, swimming in the pool will be more natural and less difficult. But swimming in the pool requires you to turn around at every end, and sometimes you have to turn around multiple times to reach the distance you want. On the other hand, the luxury swim spas have a function as hot tub. The luxury swim spa is a pool of water in a large tub and features water jets to create currents for a spa-like experience. And luxury swim spas use their jets to create currents for a swim-in-place experience. You don't need to circle or turn around like swimming in a pool. The spa can also be adjusted to produce a consistent current tailored to any individual's skill level.


6、About The Cleaning

Whether it is a swimming pool or a swimming spa, you cannot avoid the natural magical creatures or foreign bodies from entering your water, such as frogs, insects, dust or in the human body residual oil, lotion, sunscreen cream, etc. If the swimming pool and luxury swim spa are installed outside, the situation may be more serious.  Cleaning the swimming pool that could be a disaster for you. You need to clean up all kinds of foreign bodies floating on the water or sinking under the water, and you also need to use a pool brush to clean the biofilm that may be produced in the wall.


In addition, you also need to purchase a lot of chemicals to adjust the water balance. The larger the pool is, the more time and money you will spend cleaning up. If you are not professional in cleaning the pool, it is best to ask a professional person to clean it up. Luxury swim spa is far smaller than the swimming pool, so the workload of cleaning is relatively less. You can use some tools to easily clean out foreign bodies in water, and do not need to spend as much of chemicals like swimming pool to adjust the water balance. So luxury swim spa is much less difficult to clean than a swimming pool.


7、Up Time

The pool is only available for a few warm months of the year, and it requires a Gas heaters if you want to use the pool in the cold. The gas heater are probably the most powerful heater option. They're very efficient and will heat your pool quickly, especially if you live where temperatures are cooler.However, it is not a cheap system to install. And you do have to pay for the gas to keep it running. Not to mention the maintenance and troubleshooting it requires. Luxury swim spa can be used at any time throughout the year, because the luxury swim spa has high quality insulation and heating system, you don't have to worry about the water getting too cold or even frozen to swim, and you can also adjust the appropriate temperature according to your own needs.

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By comparison, the luxury swim spa is more intelligent and more convenient than the swimming pool in terms of installation, function and experience effect, and the cost and operation cost of the luxury swim spa are lower than that of the swimming pool. If you're not a person who likes hosting big water events and doesn't have much demand for scale, then luxury swim spa is the best substitute for the swimming pool. It will make your life better, because it brings so much for you. Like raising the value of your backyard, having a private pool and enjoying an endless health spa.


Upgrade Your Backyard

The backyard is a great relaxing space in the family. If you have a backyard, you may plant your backyard with flowers. The whole backyard is filled with a fresh and attractive fragrance of flowers, and you listen to the cheerful cries of the birds, as if you are in nature. But if you install a luxury swim spa in the backyard, it will greatly enhance the value of the backyard. Close your eyes and imagine, the lights, fountains, water surging and the flowers beside, you seem immersed in fairyland, this is the paradise of your dream. In addition, you can add pavilions, fences, wooden steps to your backyard to turn the backyard into your private resort.


Owned A Private Swimming Pool

If you have the habit of swimming, then you must have tried to go out swimming. Especially in the summer, the swimming pool is a summer resort. But you cannot avoid sharing it with other strangers in a public swimming pool. If you prefer to exercise alone, then the swim spa placed in your home can provide all the luxury and convenience of a small swimming pool in your own backyard. The Swimming Spa removes some of the barriers to your regular exercise routine, without packing, without driving to the pool, and just wearing casual clothes to get out.


Provide A Variety of Experiences

On the other hand, luxury swim spa can provide you with a more comprehensive exercise. Not only does it give you a swimming experience, you can also do walking, jogging, rowing, Squats, Torso Twists, etc, which can help and shape your body, just like a water gym.  In addition to this, performing aquatic therapy in swim spa is also a good option, and it is a water-based treatment or a practice with a therapeutic purpose, especially for relaxation, fitness, and physical rehabilitation. Treatment and exercise while floating, partially submerged, or completely submerged in water.


Common aquatic therapy such as Ai Chi, Aqua running, etc. Ai Chi uses diaphragmatic breathing and active progressive resistance training in water to relax and strengthen the body, based on elements of qigong and Tai chi chuan. Aqua running also known as Deep Water Running or Aquajogging, is a form of cardiovascular conditioning, involving running or jogging in water, useful for injured athletes and those who desire a low-impact aerobic workout. If you have ever had aquatic therapy with the physical therapist, but when you "graduate" you can also have at-home aquatic therapy in your own backyard.




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