The Composition of Hydro Spa Hot Tub

  • By:Aquaspring
  • Date:2022/07/19

If you have a busy day and feel exhausted, then going to your hydro spa hot tub to accelerate blood circulation and relieve muscle fatigue is the best option. If your hydro spa hot tub is also equipped with sound devices, you can listen to some light music, which is definitely the highest level of enjoyment. We all know that the hot tub keeps the water constant temperature and massage for our bodies, so do you know about the composition of the hydro spa hot tub and how it works?


The material on the surface of the hydro spa hot tub block is mostly acrylic, and then high-temperature pressed into different shapes. Don’t suppose that the hydro spa hot tub block is only a layer of acrylic plate. When the acrylic plate is finalized, coat 6-8 layers with fiberglass for reinforcement. In addition, 25-30mm high-density  polyurethane foam will be sprayed for insulation, which plays a role of thermal insulation. The hot tub wall has a lot of stainless steel jets, which can massage the soles of your feet, back, shoulder, etc. Hydro spa hot tub generally have two systems, single system and combined system. Single system is a single water spray or single air jet, the combination system is the combination of water and air.


There are two kinds of water jets, one is through the pipe, pump, water from the nozzle of the water out; the other is the turbojet jet, it each jet has a separate motor, water from the nozzle around, and then from the middle, the sprinkler through the water massage. In addition, the air jet does not spray water, it through the air pump, pipe, spray airflow, forming bubbles in the water to massage. Compared with the air jet , the water jets massage power is stronger. To increase the strength of the massage, it is now common practice to add airflow in the water jets. No matter what kind of jets, mainly through the motor movement, so that the jets on the hydro spa hot tub wall spray the water or air, causing the circulation of water flow, thus producing a massage effect to the human body.


Moreover, another important part of the hydro spa hot tub is the control system, used to control the operation of the hot tub. Aquaspring spas adopts the American balboa control system, which is a trusted brand in the world. Some hydro spa hot tub also have ozone systems, which is an important part for water treatment. We use a special Aquaspring Mixer and additional Injector. Hence, the ozone can be optimally mixed before entering into the spa for better  Mixer disinfection effect, reducing chemical requirement. Furthermore, LED atmosphere lights or audio equipment can also be added to the hydro spa hot tub to enhance your experience at the spa.




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