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Nowadays, as the improvement of life quality, more people will seek some pleasure methods to relax themselves. So, the above ground jacuzzi pool are becoming more and more popular among people. As a small jacuzzi pool, the above ground jacuzzi pool has many advantages, which has many functions that the ordinary swimming pool does not have. In addition to hot tubs, do you want to know more about Auquaspring's above-ground jacuzzi pool ? This blog will provide you with even more info, more information please click the pictures bleow.



This is a 2-in-1 combination of both a hot tub and a above ground jacuzzi pool. The massage area and the swimming area are separated, meaning that you have both a hot tub and an swimming pool. The above ground jacuzzi pool is equipped with two balboa systems to control the two areas respectively, so both areas can work independently. This 5.8-meter-long above ground juazzi pool, which provides plenty of space for you to do the activity you want to do. In order to improve the use experience, three massage seats are also fitted in the swimming area. When the swimming pool only operates the swimming area, users can also enjoy the massage seat, easy to relax after exercise.



This is a standard size above ground jacuzzi pool. The pool is fitted with three massage seating places, the seats are designed with a different number of nozzles on the back and calves. This above ground jacuzzi pool is perfect for families with children. Because you can play a lot of parent-child games with your child in this above ground jacuzzi pool, and you can train the water activity ability of your child. This will be a paradise for children to grow up.



This is a special above ground jacuzzi pool because in addition to being a swimming pool, it can also be used as a large hot tub. The pool is fitted with 11 massage seating places, each of which gives you a unique massage experience. In addition, it has plenty of space to provide swimming features to maximize the advantages of the hot tub and swim spa. Perfect for parties or other commercial purposes. What's more, it has a unique waterfall with more atmosphere.



This above ground jacuzzi pool is designed with two seats for back massage to relax your back after swimming. The 4.3-meter long jacuzzi pool can accommodate several people for water activities. In addition, this above ground jacuzzi pool is perfect for couples. The unique and beautiful lights in the above ground jacuziz pool are designed to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your relaxation space. You can forget all your troubles and enjoy your romantic time. 



This above ground jacuzzi pool is a updated version of HL-8802, the pool area has been upgrade. And the length of the jacuzzi pool is increased by 1.85 meters, which means more spacious space for water sports, while retaining three massage seats in the massage area, suitable for the group of people with higher demand for space.



This is an above ground jacuzzi pool designed for professional swimmers. The whole pool removes the massage function part, so the swimming area will have a wider space. More over, It can give the user a sense that the swimming function will be more professional. Because this pool is fitted with a turbine swim pump, it has more powerful power, suitable for some users who have more professional needs for fitness and swimming.



Have you noticed that what's the difference between this above ground jacuzzi pool and HL-8809? On closer inspection, is there any similarities between the two? Yes, this is an above ground jacuzzi pool upgraded from the 8809, with three additional massage seats. The rest basically retains the basic features of HL-8809, also equipped with a turbine swim pump. It fits the needs of all kinds of people.



Its overall functional design is roughly the same as the HL-8801, which is also a 2-in-1 combination of both a hot tub and a swim spa, and the hot tub is separated from the swimming area. However, considering that users have more choices, many details of this above-ground hot tub are different from 8801. First of all, there are different differences in appearance and style. Secondly, in the swimming area, we can see the two massage seats, and the swimming area will get more space. These eight above ground jacuzzi pools are really too amazing, because each jacuzzi pool is designed for all kinds of people, which can well meet the needs of users and reduce the difficulty of users' choice.  After the introduction of these above ground jacuzzi pools, you must have a lot of questions about Aaquaspring and about the jacuzzi pool. The following will list the Aquaspring and common questions about the above ground jacuzzi pool, hope to help you.


1. What is the material of the above ground jacuzzi pool shell ?

Aquaspring Hot tub and above ground jacuzzi pool are using the American Aristech acrylic sheet as the body, which is a famous brand with quality assurance. In terms of color, we have twelve color acrylic sheet for customers to select, among which white pearlescent, silver white marble, and summer sapphare are the most popular colors. The factory in Aquaspring has more than 300 square meter warehouses storing these acrylic sheet to meet customer needs.

 2. Is the swim spa shell only as thick as an acrylic sheet ?

The acrylic will be heated in the heating oven, then put the heated acrylic upon the mold to vacuum-form swim spa shell. At this point the acrylic is fragile and flexible. So in order to ensure that the pool body is hard enough, we will reinforce the body of the above ground jacuzzi pool. First, we will spray the special vinyl ester resin as first layer to its body. The next step is to spray fiberglass as the reinforcement. After that, we will use the rollers to compress those layers together. Finally, the reinforced shells will be putted into our thermostat oven to dry the humidity on the body completely to avoid moisture inside the spa to prevent blister problem. After reinforcement, the thickness is around 8mliimeter for hot tub while it is 12mliimeter thick for swim spa.

3. Whether the Aquaspring swim spa has the insulation layer ?

Sure, whether it is a pool or a hot tub, the insulation of the standard thickness is 2.8 cm. Of course, this is only a standard configuration, if the customer requires a thicker insulation layer, we can increase the thickness to 4.8 cm. In addition to the insulation layer of the body, the cabinet will also be equipped with aluminum foil insulation layer to achieve the effect of double-layer insulation.

4. What control system use in the Aquaspring swim spa ?

We offer three brands of control systems for you to select. The American Balboa controller is the standard brand for our spas or jacuzzi pool. And you can update it to Gecko or Spanet controller. In addition to these three brands, you can also choose to use China-made controllers.

5. How long the warranty is ?

Our hot tub and swim sap warranty system are divided into several parts. The warranty period is five years for the spa structure; 3 years for spa acrylic shell and control system; 2 years for other spa fittings. And we offering the longer warranty in spa industrial in China. If you want to learn more about the warranty, please contact us.

6. If any parts/fittings damaged in the warranty date. How will you do ?

If the any parts damaged because the quality problem in the warranty. We required to receive the spa series number of spa, and photos or video of the problem fittings. Then we will arrange to send you the new parts for replacing by air.

7. Do you have other options to choose ?

Yes, we have many other options for you to choose. UV disinfection systems, for example, can further disinfect the water in the pool, thus reducing the frequency of using chemicals. In addition, we provide exercise paddle as an optional one, so that other water sports can be performed in the above ground jacuzzi pool. If you want a more luxurious experience in the jacuzzi pool, we also offer waterproof pop-up TV, drink tray, speakers, bar table, waterfall and other options. Please contact us if you want to get more options details or click on your desired jacuzzi pool model on our website, and the web page will show the specific options.

8. What colors can be chosen about the cover and cabinet ?

The first is the spa top hard cover. There are a total of eight colors to choose from, including Solid Black, Solid Grey, Red Brown, Dark Brown and so on. Then it is about the color of the cabinet. There are five colors for the standard cabinet, which are brown color, gray, natural color, black and red. If you want to upgrade the look of your pool, there are other styles to choose from. Please contact us for more styles.

9. Do you provide the OEM / ODM service ?

Yes, sure. We supply the OEM and ODM services. We can talk about that and to make new mold to meet your markets requirement. in addition, we can put your logo on spa shell and make logo plate on the headrests, make logo on the overlay of control panel, LED light box, outside packaging bag and so on.

10. How often does the tot tub or swim spa need to be drained or cleaned ?

Typically, a hot tub needs to be drained and cleaned once every 3 months. There will be instances when you may need to change the water sooner than scheduled, for instance if the water becomes contaminated with detergents or cosmetics from clothing or skin. When it's empty, wipe away grime on the water line with a non-abrasive, mild soap solution. Also, clean your filters at least once a week.

11.What are the health benefits of having a above ground jacuzzi pool ?

In all ways, the health benefits of the above-ground spa pool extend far beyond the average pool. The combination of pool and spa allows you to exercise and relax at home. So what are the health benefits of having an on-ground pool? First of all, it can help to restore the injured muscles. You can adjust the temperature of water in the above ground jacuzzi pool, and when your body is soaked in hot water, the core temperature in your body will increase. Thus the blood circulation can be promoted and injured muscles can be recovered. Second, it can also help you reduce the tension of your muscles, and your body is in a state of weightless when you are immersed in the water, so you can completely relax your limbs and muscles. Third, to relieve the pressure. A key component that helps the body naturally combat anxiety and stress is the release of endorphins. Stress causes high blood pressure and many other problems, and hydrotherapy helps to reduce stress levels through complete relaxation. In a state of weightlessness.


Well, This blog post briefly describes the various models of above ground jacuzzi pools in Aquaspring, and lists of some common questions about Aquaspring and above ground jacuzzi pools. If you want to know more about the parameters of our above ground jacuzzi pool, please click on each model on the website. And If you have any other questions, please welcome to contact us. Our professional sales staff will communicate one-on-one with you to remove your doubts.




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