Why Recommend The Endless Swimming Pool ?

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  • Date:2022/03/10

Endless swimming pool can take up to two days to install, depending on your specifications. Its popularity is due in large part to its numerous benefits. Overall, an endless swimming pool can make you feel the cool in the summer day. Purchasing an swimming pool is a great way to maintain a health-conscious lifestyle. There is no need to worry about chemicals or complicated procedures. These pools are safe and require only weekly water testing and household bleach. You can easily add as much or as little chlorine as you'd like, making it a perfect choice for people who need to stay fit, and for families who want to get their exercise without having to invest in a full-sized pool.


Whether you're looking to supplement your training or replace your traditional lap pool, an Endless Swimming Pool is a great option. The counter-current technology allows swimmers to swim in place against a current without flipping turns. The pools are a convenient alternative to traditional full-size pools. You can choose the depth of the pool to suit your needs. It is also safe and easy to maintain. Unlike traditional full-sized swimming pools, endless swimming pools are made with a durable fiberglass composite. And they are built to last. Besides, Aquaspring offers the best warranty in the industry. You can even choose a prefabricated model that's already installed to save money.


Why Consider The Endless Swimming Pool ? 

1) Swimming swimming pool full size

If you like swimming, but there is no pretty pool or pool, an endless pool is a good choice. Their small size (15 to 20 feet applicable to the fitness system model) allows them to be placed anywhere in the room.


2) Excellent water exercise of all capacities

The indoor endless pool is very suitable for the aquatic exercise. Whether you do other water exercises, these pools are mitigated with common sense, relax the muscles and cause strength. Like a full size pool, exercise in an endless pool can help improve your endurance and coordination. They are a great tool for a good swimmer, leisure to competition!


3) Protection of the environment

Because they are a small part of the size of the traditional pool, the endless pool uses much less water and fewer chemicals to keep it clean. It also means .


4) Maintenance plebits

The endless pools are easily maintained, requiring fewer steps to keep it clean. Most models only require a few minutes a week to test water and add a classic home bleach. It means less cleaning time and more time to enjoy the pool!


5) The whole family is excellent

Although the size is compact, the endless pool provides a room to several members of your family. This is a good way to encourage sport, relaxation and family exchange. Moreover, it's just an ordinary pleasure!


6) Effective aquatic therapy

Aquatic therapy is ideal for various medical conditions. The low ending pool pressure, the low stress environment is perfect, suitable for physical therapy exercises to increase flexibility, improve muscle, improve balance and reduce pain. Many models can also be equipped with additional optional accessories such as submarine rolling carpets for low-impact walking and operation.


6 Myths About Swimming In Endless Swimming Pools

1. You can only swim freestyle

In Endless Pools, all four hits are fair! If you're worried about hitting the edge of the pool when butterflying or kicking the wall when doing breaststroke, don't worry. These pools are wide enough to swim comfortably. You can also play football, swim with a snorkel or wear flippers. If you swim with goggles, you can focus on technique and correct with every stroke. In some cases, training in an endless pool can actually be more beneficial than training in a regular pool!


2. You must swim at a slow pace

This myth is far from the truth! Endless Pools lets you use the remote or mobile app to set a variable speed based on your pace every 100 steps. You can swim series of sprints or slow down and swim easily. If you're an elite swimmer worried that these pools aren't fast enough for you, then you don't have to worry. Experience the Endless Pools Elite model for 51 seconds per 100 seconds.


3. It's not a good workout

You might think you have to go to the pool for a good workout. Many Endless Pool owners will tell you that they can train hard at home! Ultimately, your effort and the structure of your workout determines whether you get a good workout. If you challenge yourself in the pool with the correct tempo settings, gear and medley combination, you're sure to finish your swim feeling great ! Having an infinity pool at home removes many barriers to training: when you have an infinity pool, travel times, lane availability, and time constraints disappear! You won't be distracted by other swimmers either.


4. It's boring

Swimming in Endless Pools products is a treat! You are in your own world, in a 100% private swimming pool that you control. Swimming in a small pool can also be boring if you don't have a good exercise program. Mix up your intervals, vary your speed, combine different punching moves and your training will skyrocket!


5. A different feeling from a normal swimming pool

In the pool or in open water, you are often at the mercy of nature and other conditions that can affect your performance. Endless pools eliminate these variables so your workouts are always consistent. The way the current hits your body makes it easier to get to your first vertical forearms than you would in a regular pool. Some swimmers report that swimming in the Endless Pool feels like swimming in open water rather than a single lane, probably because there are no turns! Since you don't have to look for walls to turn, you can also optimize the position of the head.


6. Only for amateurs

You might think that elite swimmers have no reason to use these pools. Wrong! Many colleges have installed endless pools for many reasons: technical jobs, spas, pace training, etc. US Olympian Cody Miller even has one in his backyard! The beauty of endless pools is that they are suitable for everyone, from recreational pool loungers to water joggers to recreational swimmers, yes, even the best.




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