MST Company-Germany

MST Company-Germany

The MST company is specialized in constructions and decorations industry. They got more queries for swim spa to replace the traditional swimming pools. Hence their CEO Mr.  R. Thöbert wants to add the swim spas into his business range. So they release the purchase inquiry for swim spas and they finally chose ours as we are superior to our competitors:

MST Company-Germany

A. 10 years plus professional spas manufacturing experience.

B. Quality verified with CE certificates by world leading testing company--SGS.

C. Top quality materials (Original Aristech acrylics and Balboa system imported from USA, and other top quality material from famous home brand).

D. Quick-delivery and 5-year warranty.

E. Excellent service and Professional sales guides provided.

Our Delivery

It takes two months from placing an order to receiving the goods. The goods finally arrived at the customer’s door.

Below are the comments CEO of MST--Mr. R. Thöbert after they get the swim spa:

Stephen. We find it amazing when open the package, it looks gorgeous! Thank you for your great job.

MST Company-Germany

MST Company-Germany

Ten Days Later, More Comments Coming

Stephen, I am so happy to have the swim spa. It functions well and we have a lot fun with it. Moreover, we present to our customers, and invite them to see and enjoy the swim spa. After the enjoy, we have got over 10 orders for it in the past 10 days. That is incredible. Given all your efforts and excellent work and swim spa, I am willing to share some photos and video with you. You deserve it.






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Aquaspring spas® is one of the leading and most professional manufacturer for hot tubs, swim spa, walk-in tub and pipeless swimming pool filter in China. The factory covers a land area of 20.000 square meters and has the assembling capacity of 300 spas per month to meet the increasing market demand.

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