Durable Control System

Durable Control System: We adopt the American BALBOA control system as our standard system to upgrade our spa level! Balboa are well-known and widely accepted, reliable in terms of quality, so very few or non problems on after-sales service.

Excellent Spa Shell

Excellent Spa Shell: We use original American Aristech acrylic sheet, which is setting the Quality Standard. It's durable…beautiful…and easy to clean. Various colors are available.

High-strength Spa Body

High-strength Spa Body: We use the vinyl ester resin as first layer of reinforcement on entire shell to avoid the blister problem. After that, we spray 6 layers of fiberglass for the reinforcement. The thickness of our spa body is around 8mm which is much stronger than the normal spas with only 3-4 layers reinforcement.

100% No Leaking Plumbing

100% No Leaking Plumbing: We fix the pipes with imported blue glue and then tighten with the S/S clamp. It has double security to avoid any minor leaking.

Nicely Drilled Holes for Jets Position

Nicely Drilled Holes for Jets Position: For each AquaSpring spa, the jets position are nicely drilled.

High-density Heat-lock Insulation

High-density Heat-lock Insulation: For each AquaSpring spa, the entire spa body is covered with 25mm high-dense polyurethane foam, the cabinet is covered with aluminum foil insulation and the bottom of the spa is sealed by a fiberglass reinforced plastic base (FRP). This spatial insulation can lock the heat in the spa extremely and create the most energy-saving spa.

Weather Proof Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Base

Weather Proof Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Base: For each AquaSpring spa, it is manufactured on a solid weatherproof FRP base. When buying a spa this is one of the most important features which can be overlooked by spa buyers. A good FRP base will weather proof your spas frame keeping it from being exposed to water and pests which can damage the frame and eventually lead to costly repairs. Many spas sold either with no base or a thin ABS base which does not enclose the spas frame at all leaving your investment unprotected from weather and pests.

Exclusive Draining System

Exclusive Draining System: Every AquaSpring spa has the bottom drain valve as standard and has the exclusive draining plumbing system: its pipe is APPR. 15cm higher from the bottom and all the pipes are connected to the drain valve on the skirt. So more than 99% water inside the spa and pipes can be emptied when people want to dry the spa.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail: Each Aquapsring spas, we have put the plastic caps on each of the terminal of stainless steel frames to protect our users and make it look more beautiful.

Strong Ball Valves for Pumps

Strong Ball Valves for Pumps: For each pump in AquaSpring spa, it is equipped with strong ball valves both in front of pump and its back. So users no need to drain all the spa water in case the pump gets problem.

Elegant Cable Slot

Elegant Cable Slot: Every AquaSpring spa’s cables are fixed inside the slot, which makes the spa look more elegant and the cables are protected properly.

Elegant LED Around the Spa

Elegant LED Around the Spa: The LED lights are equipped around the spa, making better view for the spa.

High-efficiency Ozone Injector and Mixer

High-efficiency Ozone Injector and Mixer: Our ozonizer is not connected to the jet directly as other spa manufacturers. The disinfection system is combined with the ozone generator, check valve, ozone injector, ozone mixer and anti-oxidative hose. There are two check valves to our ozonizer which can completely eradicate any possible back flow. And the ozone mixer can mix the ozone and water perfectly and get better disinfection effect.

Strong and Nice Packing

Strong and Nice Packing: Every AquaSpring spa is protected by plastic film and the expandaple polyephylene (EPE), outside with the spa protecting bag as the standard package instead of carton which makes better outlook and protection to the spa. User can use this protecting bag afterwards!

Dependable warranty: We provide five-year warranty for spa structure and three-year for spa shell and two-year for standard equipments and plumbing components, one-year for options.

Certificates: All our spas are with CB/CE/SAA approval issued by SGS.





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