Hot Tub for 7 Persons HL-2002

  • Model: HL-2002

PRODUCT Description

If you need a 7 person hot tub, consider this model HL-2002.As we can see in the photos, HL-2002 is square, which is suitable to be the corner jacuzzi  tub. Certainly, you can also contact with us if you are a trader and you want to purchase some outdoor spas to sell them in your country. You can choose endless outdoor spa custom according to the market in your area. In addition, we also provide the endless spa tub which is bigger that people can swim in it. All our products are high-quality, HL-2002 is one of them. Remember the products and remember our company, a professional whirlpool spa tub company.

Basic Info. Electric Components
Size 2800x2300x950 mm Control System Balboa X 1 
Seat 7 Person Heater 3KW X 1
Material US Aristech Acrylic Whirlpool Pump 3HP X 4
Net weight 560 KGS Circulate Pump 0.5HP X 1
Water Capacity 2000 L Air Blower 700W X 1
Jets Configuration Other Equipements
Total jets 117 PCS Spa Top Hard Cover 1 PC
Water jets(5") 11 PCS Insulation Foam For Shell 1 SET
Water jets(4") 2 PCS PS Skirt & Step 1 SET
Water jets(3") 9 PCS Headrest 1 SET
Water jets(2.5") 32 PCS Ozone & Filter 1 SET
Water jets(2") 39 PCS LED Light 43 PCS
Water jets(1.5") 4 PCS Air Valves 4 PCS
Circulation jets(1") 4 PCS Comer drain valve 1 PC

Best in class, the whirlpool spa tub is the ultimate in comfort and luxury. With the highest quality construction and materials, they are built to last and provide you with many years of enjoyment and relaxation. Best in class, the whirlpool spa tub, white toddler tub with soft water flow therapy baby tub, and an air flow baby tub, a toddler tub in a whirlpool spa tub is a perfect tub for a relaxing baby bathtub experience and a soothing relaxation tub. When deciding on which whirlpool spa tub to purchase, there are several things to consider. For example, is it necessary to have a spa water control valve on each faucet? Is the whirlpool spa tub custom made, or do you need to buy the basic tub and then add on styling and accessories?


The original Whirlpool spa tub is no longer available. There has been a wide range of models manufactured over the years, but all are the same design. The original whirlpool spa tub is an acrylic tube shaped like a cylinder, with two "sink" pipes under the acrylic tube. You place the entire assembly into the sink below and turn on the power button. The water begins to circulate, creating the whirlpool effect.


The new millennium 7 jets offer a variety of motion. One jet replaces the original two jets found on the whirlpool spa tub. There are a total of four jets; two low and two high. This gives you the opportunity to choose the motion you prefer.


The power and speed at which these jets operate vary. There are models on the market today that boast of features like variable speed controls. Some of these jets are also available with ionizers. This reduces any associated dry skin. There are even some models on the market today that claim to be able to increase the lymphatic circulation in the body. These are especially ideal for those who suffer from chronic conditions like asthma and allergies.


There is not conclusive evidence regarding the effect that the Whirlpool spa tub has on the health of the user. The only evidence available suggests that the water can relax a person and help to soothe away tension and stress. However, many critics of the whirlpool spa tub claim that it has a detrimental effect on the health of the user due to the increased pressure in the urinary tract, which causes painful urination.


The cost of an acrylic whirlpool spa tub can range from two thousand dollars to seven thousand dollars or more. For a homeowner, it is possible to install their whirlpool spa tub in their home for less than one hundred dollars, or about ten thousand dollars to have it installed by a contractor. There are a number of manufacturers of this high-end piece of equipment. The manufacturer of the whirlpool is Black and Decker, while Kohler is considered to be the leader in the acrylic jet construction industry. Most of the larger manufactures such as Kohler and Whirlpool have a website which contains a great deal of information on the various types and styles of whirlpool jet construction equipment.





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