Swim Spa

It's a spa without the spa. It's an endless swim spa factory - a permanent self-contained water body - with a wealth of add-ons to give you total wellness. It's all indoor and fully customizable. You could even swim or relax in it against a gentle current adjusted just to your liking. No longer trips to an outdoor pool! Now you could swim all year around in your own personal spa, for as long as you'd like.


With an endless swim spa, your workout will be exactly that: endless. You can use the treadmill to increase your cardio fitness. The elliptical trainer lets you get your cardio workout indoors. There are treadmills with heart rate monitors built into them, and then there are simple lower impact, calorie burning workouts you could do right at home with no gym membership at all. Using the treadmill for your cardio workout adds up to great fat-burning results.


And with the endless pools you get with the underwater treadmill, you'll never need to leave the safety of home to get those extra calories or boost your strength and speed. You'll be swimming, biking, jogging, stair-climbing, or climbing stairs with no problem. If nothing else, you can use the underwater treadmill to work out other parts of your body that are normally neglected. By working your whole body underwater, you will burn calories and increase strength and stamina.


Working out on an underwater treadmill is different than working out on a surface treadmill. Since there is no surface to absorb the impact of your feet, your joints and muscles are under more stress. With the endless spa, by having a treadmill that simulates the natural ocean movement, you will get the same kind of workout from the start to finish.


The endless swim spas come in many different designs. Many models offer various resistance levels, which means you can adjust the workout so you won't get bored. Another feature is the ability to pre-program fitness routines. If you're looking to lose weight, start running, or simply work on getting stronger, you can set up a routine that works for you. These pools are great for people who want to add something interesting to their exercise routine, without actually going to the gym.


You may think that endless spas are expensive and not practical, but with today's economy many people have started getting one. Not only is it a great way to stay in shape, but many people use them for home gyms as well. With a large variety of models to choose from, you can find one that works well for your lifestyle and budget. As the world gets busier, staying healthy has become more important than ever. So if you haven't taken a swim in a while, you should consider getting an endless spa to keep you in tip top shape.





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